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Encyclopaedia Entries

Peer-reviewed biographies contributed to Treasury of Lives (

Tsering Wangmo (tshe ring dbang mo, 1923/5–2022) (2023)

Pema Kunzang Rangdrol (padma kun bzang rang grol, 1916–1984) (2022)

Akong Lobzang Dorje (a skong blo bzang rdo rje, 1893–1983) (2022)

Khyenrab Chokyi Wozer (mkhyen rab chos kyi ‘od zer, 1889–1959) (2022)****

Khandro Tsering Chodron (mkha’ ‘gro tshe ring chos sgron, 1929–2011) (2021)

Minyak Kunzang Sonam (mi nyag kun bzang bsod nams, 1823–1905) (2017)

Dola Jigme Kelzang (rdo bla ‘jigs med skal bzang, b. 1789) (2017)

Orgyen Tendzin Norbu (o rgyan bstan ‘dzin nor bu, 1841–1900) (2015)

Tubten Tsondru (thub bstan brtson ‘grus, 1920–1979) (2014)

The Second Pelyul Choktrul, Jampel Gyepai Dorje (‘jam dpal dgyes pa’i rdo rje, 1894–1958/9) (2014)

Demchok Dorje (bde mchog rdo rje, 1898–1940) (2014)

Japa Dongak Gyatso (‘ja’ pa mdo sngags rgya mtsho, 1824–1902) (2014)

Ga Rabjampa Kunga Yeshe (sga rab ‘byams pa kun dga’ ye shes, 1397–1470) (2013)

Dongak Chokyi Gyatso (mdo sngags chos kyi rgya mtsho, 1903–1957) (2013)

Amdo Geshe Jampel Rolpai Lodro (a mdo dge bshes ‘jam dpal rol pa’i blo gros, 1888–1936) (2012)

Khenpo Pema Vajra (mkhan po padma badzra, c.1807–1884) (2012)

*As Rigpa Translations
**As co-translator, with Matthieu Ricard & Richard Barron
***Co-translated with Han Kop
****Co-written with Alex Gardner