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Scholarly Articles

  • The Curricula of Tibetan Buddhist Commentarial Schools (bshad grwa): Traditional Models & Some Recent Adaptations” in Contemporary Buddhism, Vol. 16: 2, 2015, pp. 451–461
  • “Uniting Dge lugs and Rnying ma Views: The Ris med Philosophy of Blo bzang mdo sngags Chos kyi rgya mtsho (1903–1957)” in Nonsectarianism (ris med) in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Eastern Tibet: Religious Diffusion and Cross-fertilization beyond the Reach of the Central Tibetan Government (Forthcoming)
  • “Original Sins: Murder, Malediction and the Means of Atonement in a Tibetan Buddhist Myth” (Forthcoming)

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*As Rigpa Translations
**As co-translator, with Matthieu Ricard & Richard Barron